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Hazards shall be identified on a pro-active basis, and risks are being assessed and appropriately managed on an ongoing basis. Assessment processes shall include changes to operations, processes, personnel, equipment, routine and non-routine activities.

Our Health, Security, Environment and Community Policies guide our operations. DuSolo is committed to the following safety standards:

  • Abide by our Safety Principles and Safety Policies prior to and during implementation
  • Provide (or support) a framework for a risk-based approach to safety management
  • Set out and formalize the expectations for progressive development and implement a specific and detailed safety management system at all levels
  • Provide clear, visual and auditable criteria for which safety management systems can be accessed throughout our operations
  • Align performance with the Company´s business principles
  • Provide a basis from which to drive continual improvement towards leading industrial practices
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DuSolo Fertilizers Inc. (“DuSolo” or “the Company”) is a vertically integrated producer of phosphate-based fertilizers in Brazil. The Company owns three agro-mineral projects – Bomfim, Ruth and Samba,


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